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Transforming Prestige Damp Proofing Solution's Brand Identity

Client Overview 

Client Name: Prestige Damp Proofing Solutions  

Industry: Construction and Building Services 

Location: Watford, UK


Prestige Damp Proofing Solutions is a well-established player in the construction and damp proofing industry, approached our marketing agency seeking a comprehensive brand overhaul. Their existing branding lacked consistency, and they needed a fresh identity to stand out in a competitive market.


  • Outdated Branding: Prestige Damp Proofing Solution's logo, business cards, and flyers were outdated and didn’t reflect their expertise and professionalism.
  • Inconsistent Visuals: The company used different fonts, colours, and styles across various materials, leading to brand confusion.
  • Limited Impact: Their marketing collateral failed to leave a lasting impression on potential clients.

Our Approach

Our team embarked on a strategic journey to revamp Prestige Damp Proofing Solution’s brand identity. 

We focused on three key areas:

Logo Redesign 

  • We conducted a thorough analysis of Prestige Damp Proofing Solution’s core values, services, and target audience.
  • Collaborating closely with the client, we designed a modern, memorable logo that symbolised strength, reliability, and progress.
  • The new logo featured clean lines, bold typography, and an abstract representation of a building structure.

Business Card Transformation

  • We opted for a minimalist approach, emphasising essential information.
  • The business cards showcased the new logo prominently, along with the client’s name, title, phone number, and email.
  • We recommended a durable plastic material, considering the construction environment.

Eye-Catching Flyers

  • Prestige Damp Proofing Solution needed attention-grabbing flyers for project launches, open houses, and promotional events.
  • Our design team created visually appealing flyers that highlighted completed projects, services offered, and contact details.
  • We used high-quality images of construction sites, machinery, and skilled workers to convey professionalism.


Brand Consistency: The revamped logo, business cards, and flyers now aligned seamlessly, reinforcing Prestige Damp Proofing Solution’s brand identity.

Positive Reception: Clients and partners appreciated the modern, cohesive visuals. 

Increased Engagement: The eye-catching flyers generated interest and led to more inquiries about Prestige Damp Proofing Solution’s services.


Through thoughtful design and collaboration, we transformed Prestige Dam Proofing Solution's brand from outdated to impactful. The new identity positions them as a reliable and forward-thinking player in the construction industry.

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